Bag lady

by Julie Alpine-Crabtree

No, it’s not a sex toy or something to exercise those poor, post-pregnancy pelvic floor muscles, but the Baggee, a squishy rubber ball designed to hold carrier bags for your shopping convenience. There’s a keychain attached but rather than having it swinging around getting in my way every time I try to unlock my door, I’m going to get one to keep in my handbag so I don’t encounter handfuls of plastic bag whenever I reach for my lip balm.

With Welsh shoppers this week adjusting to the new 5p bag law, it can only be a matter of time for the rest of us in the UK. Several retailers, including M&S, have been charging 5p a bag for some time now anyway. Which, in carrying home all-butter zoo biscuits and mini flapjack bites alone, has already cost me £51.75 in bag charges.

It’s not my green credentials that are so bad but my memory. At least I haven’t left home without the children (yet).