If you’re the kind of person who likes to suck condensed milk straight from the tin…

by Julie Alpine-Crabtree





Another weekend, another apple festival, this time at Brogdale Farm, Kent. The crowd was less boho than at Middle Farm in Sussex last Sunday, but the sun was shining, the bouncy castle was free of charge and my chef was happy to talk apple science with the boffins for hours while I watched sheepdogs round up geese and visited a snail farm.

Milo ate his way through a barrelful of ‘Redgold’ apples, while Nini got to grips with the hog roast:









Meanwhile, Mummy made the thrilling discovery of Russian wafer cake.









The crappy picture goes no way towards doing it justice. This cake was crispy yet creamy… light yet enormously calorific… supersweet yet… supersweet. This cake was made for me and I for it.

I’ve got an editing deadline Monday, the journey home was long, I need to bathe (was it yesterday I showered? the day before?), but I find myself online, simply gazing at pictures of this cake. I like to imagine a young, sweet, blonde Russian girl, new in Kent, making it and hoping it will find a receptive audience in this country. I am that audience. Welcome, Russian wafer cake.

Here’s the recipe:


Sweet dreams.