Blue year, blue me

by Julie Alpine-Crabtree

ImageHere is a gratuitous picture of me looking much happier than I feel in these dark days of the new year, and Nini, looking about as happy as she always looks, which can act as a bookmark while I spend the next few days tiptoeing my way around these new WordPress controls I have somehow stumbled across. If it wasn’t broke, WordPress, why fix it?

On the subject, who out there is still resisting Gmail’s new look? I feel time is running out but still harbour a hope that if enough of us click the “not yet, please, I hate change, just leave me ALONE, goddamn it, can’t you see I’ve got way too many demands on my time as it is [sobs and shouts at children]” tab the whole multi-million-dollar new interface will just go away.

As will January…