What does a daddy do?

by Julie Alpine-Crabtree

Last night I assembled this dolls’ house, a delightful gift from my sister-in-law. On reflection, it was one of my more constructive Saturday nights.

This morning, following a freak out when I thought the baby had lost the daddy doll, before finding him on the (real, not miniature) sofa watching the Olympics, I carefully placed the little man back into the kitchen, in front of the cooker, where I was sure he would make some magic. ‘The daddy is very important,’ I pointed out to my three-year-old boy. ‘What important things does the daddy do in the family?’ I have been very much enjoying asking him loaded questions like this of late.

‘Carries heavy things,’ he replied, in a shot.

‘Um, anything else?’ I nudged, thinking about the father’s day card we’d made not so long ago, all those beautiful reasons we’d come up with for why my boy adores his dad so. And also the fact that it had been I, the previous night, who had carried the not-so-light dolls’ house into the playroom…

‘Swings me round,’ he added, a note of finality in his voice.

Dizzy with love. On consideration, I would put it pretty high up on my list, too.