All that glitters…

by Julie Alpine-Crabtree

The house is sparkling. And not in a Good Housekeeping kind of way. The three year old has discovered glitter, his enthusiasm for the stuff such that he’d be snorting it if he knew how. That fleck of iridescent purple on my cheek? Glitter. The glint of green above my chef’s right eyebrow as he sets off for the 8am train? Ditto. Though wouldn’t it be nice if these teeny specks were instead clues to a thrilling and otherwise-totally-secret double life we led, oh, I don’t know, in a circus or a Marc Bolan tribute act. The cat had the misfortune to be standing downwind when I shook a picnic blanket out this morning and I’m now keeping my eyes peeled for the next hairball he chokes up. I can use it as a Christmas tree ornament.

As a result of all this, I have been experiencing a sense of the four of us existing in a giant snow globe that someone has just shaken, hard. (Have just re-read that sentence and wondering if it might help our cause when applying for CofE primaries.) After letting the estate agents who manage this place know that we are desperate keen to move out earlier than our stipulated six-month break clause date in November (oy vey, that 15 January cut-off date for school applications! Winter is almost upon us! Christmas!), we began cautiously preparing our boy for another move. Which then became less cautious when we heard that someone did indeed want to move in but only if they could do so in ten days’ time. Cue boxes and packing tape galore, several sleepless nights and much child neglect. Until the potential new tenant’s references didn’t check out and the deal was off, viewings back on, the three year old fighting tooth and nail with his little sister every time she messed up his insanely complicated ‘moving house’ Duplo-based role-play game. I know.

So, really, I should be thankful for the air of festivity that all this Mister Maker-style sparkle has lent to our temporary home. Even if, as my dear friend Robin so succinctly puts it, glitter is the herpes of the crafting world.