Morning glory

by Julie Alpine-Crabtree


My boy’s first words on waking this morning:

“Mummy, I did have a bad dream. I was scared of something big, in the ocean, but then you did stand in front of it and it licked you.”

Then, as I’m leaving – where’s my travelcardhairclipscarfearmuffskeys??? – my little girl, standing at the top of the stairs, blowing kisses, yells, “Mummy! Love you.” It’s the first time she’s said it.

I’m on the train, my hair filthy, twice spray-gunned with dry shampoo, my phone, which I forgot to charge, showing only 12% of juice, my outfit more soccer-mom-gone-bad than South Bank chic. Feeling like Wonder Woman.

“Please take my hand. I give it to you as a gesture of friendship and love, and of faith freely given. I give you my hand and welcome you into my dream.” – Wonder Woman #167

The day can only go downhill from here.